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Hi Folks,

Here are 338 of my tunes for download as PDF, Midi, ABC I've gota few MP3 files and youtube videos as well.

I have organized the tunes below to group them by sub categories and key then in alphabetical order of title. Many tunes can be played as a New England Contra tune or Irish depending on whose doing the playing and on what instrument.

I am thrilled to know that folks like my tunes and are playing them, and dancing to them so feel free to email paul at and let me know which ones you're playing. The only request I make is that if you plan to record them please let me know so we can discuss the very reasonable royalties. I do attempt to make a living at music. Although I sell the tunes in book form they are obviously free here for downloading. You can order books (see Product page).

  • Tunefully
  • Paul

    Most of the MP3's are me playing, but I've uploaded a version of Sunrise Swing played by Michael Dinner on the Panflute, Altered by Accretion as performed by Dr. Leonard Anderson's redition of Ursula's Watz. I've also uploaded Mary Greenleaf's youtube versions of Leaves Are Falling and Love is the Only Magic and Lana Elaine Fraser's (aka Fantinigirl92) youtube version of Time Goes last but certainly not least the fabulous Patti Kosturok playing my big hit tune Flying Home to Shelley with the equally fabulous Jeremy Rusu. They are all very fine musicians and I'm sure I couldn't have performed these tunes better.

    For convenience tunes are listed by type and the key (or keys if it changes) preceding the title. I've grouped the reels into the style with which I most closely associate them. Some easily could fit in more that one group.

    Click on the type to get to those listed.

    Click comments to read what players have written to me about the tunes. Please feel free to write to me about what you like and what you don't. I love hearing from you.

    Like most composers I'm always wondering if I've accidently "re-composed" an existing tune,I even recomposed one of my own, so if you think recognize a tune let please me know.

    Another tunes site is TradConnect Tony Lawless has provided links to scores of many hundreds of Traditional and modern tunes.




    A Blackened Reel   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A Hunting the Goose   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A Karen's Coming!   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Halloween   PDF   Midi   ABC   MP3
    Bb Her Turn on Top   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Bb I Bit the Bee and the Bee Bit Me   PDF  Midi   ABC
    Bb Toss the Haggis   PDF   Midi   ABC
    C Absolute Zero   PDF   Midi   ABC
    C Blueberry Cake   PDF   Midi   ABC   MP3
    C Missing Link   PDF  Midi   ABC   MP3
    D Banjo Therapy   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Birthday Rag   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Chief, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Cogitatin'   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Froggy in the Well   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Get the Starch Out   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Grind, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Groundhog's Joy   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Mayfly On Your Bonnet   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Paris of the Prairies   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Slocan Shuffle   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Sobel's Strut   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Dm Dust on the Moose   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Dm/D Texas Twister   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Em 60 Times Around the Sun   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Em Bell of Batoche, The   PDF   Midi   ABC   MP3
    F New Key, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    F Waiting on the Post   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Abandoned Banjo, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Early Edition, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Fool's Journey, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Hoppin' Mad   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Irregulous Devil   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Weiser Teaser, The   PDF   Midi   ABC


    A Bel O'Tain, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A Full Fellowship   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A Karen Concern   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A Renewing the Vow   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A Round is a Shape   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A Sounds Familiar   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Atude   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Delayed Gratification   PDF   Midi   ABC   youtube
    Am Eleanor's Fancy   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Gnarlyhead   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Jump on the Year   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Mancave Midden   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Planxty Pratchett   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Bm Gaining the Moment   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Bm Miller's Crossings   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Bm Quintessence of Dust   PDF   Midi   ABC
    C Corelli's Mandolin   PDF   Midi   ABC
    C Frank's Pink Fiddle   PDF   Midi   ABC
    C New Viola, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    C/F Reincarnation Party, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Archtop   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Back Off   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Committee Reel   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Cooper's Kicker   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D/Bb/G Cromwell's Crumpet   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Eagles on the Rocks   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Giblitz Fancy   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Gift, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Goody's Brier   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Grateful Bed, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Holding Down the Fort   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Hommage à Guy Langlois   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Humble Pie   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Instant Replay   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Off to the Races   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Shorelines   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Tailgate Party, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Threading the Needle   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Snow on the Island   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Dm Meet Me In The Grotto   PDF   Midi   ABC
    E E-mail Reply   PDF   Midi   ABC
    E Wreath, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Em Hard Drive, The   PDF   Midi   ABC   MP3
    Em Jane's Reel   PDF   Midi   ABC   MP3
    Em Story of My Life   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Em Wind Blew High, The   PDF   Midi   ABC   MP3
    E dor Into the Void   PDF   Midi   ABC
    E dor Quantum Flux   PDF   Midi   ABC
    F Beat the Reaper   PDF   Midi   ABC
    F Fat Clouds   PDF   Midi   ABC
    F Pleasant Fantasy   PDF   Midi   ABC
    F#m/A Dirigible Cat, The   PDF   Midi   ABC  
    G Cloudburst   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Dave & Linnea's Wedding   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Flying Home to Shelley   PDF   Midi   ABC   youtube
    G Île de joie   PDF   Midi   ABC   youtube
    G Indolence and Industry   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Jessica's #1   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Next Best Thing, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Sunday Sermon   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Gm Dimensions of Dementia   PDF   Midi   ABC


    A Anna's Smile   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A Barta's Barter   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A Diesel Though The Day   PDF   Midi   ABC   MP3
    A Eyes of Owls, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Labours of Marlow, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Paddy on the Turntable   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Paul's Dream   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Under Towed   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A dor David Denz's 59th   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Bm Beat the Rush   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Bm Fiddlist, The   PDF   Midi   ABC   MP3
    Bm Finnished Reel   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Bm Kings   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Bm Planxty Barbara Denz   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Back Issues   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Cottage by the Sea, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Craic of Dawn, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D East of Edson   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D K.T. Put the Kettle On   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Nicolas Adrien Gobin   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D No Cents   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Restless Intellect   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Shannon Heather   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Shediac Morning   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D T'was the Night Before   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D The Wind in the Rigging, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Winking Judge, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Dm Tea Darling   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Dm Tuned In   PDF   Midi   ABC
    E Mary Brunner   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Em New Boy in Toon Town   PDF   Midi   ABC
    F Musty Money   PDF   Midi   ABC
    F Scotch Oats   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G mix K.T.'s Dream   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G mix Lignum Vitae   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G New Budget, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Salmon Pie   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Under the Catalpa   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Waiting for Karen   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Gm Stuck in a Rut   PDF   Midi   ABC


    A A Night at the Kino   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A phrygian Delphic Delusions   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A Rumble in the Kishka   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Altered by Accretion   PDF   Midi   ABC   MP3
    Am Subsistence Existence   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Suspicion   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Dm Borscht   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Dm Gypsy Dream   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Dm New Potato Polka   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Dm Sir Galahad's Scart   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Dm Turkish Delight   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D phry Phrygian Cap, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Em Maledictive   PDF   Midi   ABC
    E phry Potable and Phantasmic Spirits   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Gm Beastie of Bedlam   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Gm Ekaterina's Favourite   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Gm Free Radical Freylach, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Gm Morning After, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Gm Oujda   PDF   Midi   ABC


    C A Day Off   PDF   Midi   ABC
    C Blue Stew   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Barbara Brown's Favorite   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Don't Kick the Fiddle   PDF   Midi   ABC
    F 30,000 ft. Rag, The   PDF Midi   ABC
    F Rough Life   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Bellingham   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Higgs Boson Blues, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Hokum & Bunkum   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Rag D'frag   PDF   Midi   ABC


    Bm The Chard Kitty Blues   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Bear's Blues   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Bitten Ear, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Sequel Swing   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Trapdoor Banjo Blues, The   PDF   Midi   ABC


    A Ferry Dance, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A Port Party   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A Yambu   PDF   Midi   ABC   youtube
    A The Vamp   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Hunters and Gatherers   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Invisible Privilege   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Waiting for the Power   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Bm/Dm Fritz's Frolic   PDF   Midi   ABC   MP3
    Bm Mist tree, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    C Kessel's Lesson   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Cm Night of the Chromanids   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Paul and Karen's Grand Adventure   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Sass Kat Tune   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Em Don't Mess with the Cat   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Em Drizzle   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Em Sunrise Swing   PDF   Midi   ABC   Wav
    F Already Salted   PDF   Midi   ABC
    F Fawh ged aboudit   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Bird Walk   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Buffalo Shuffle   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Cacomistle Polka   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Careful with the Mixer   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Earworm, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G 50's Frolic, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G It's Too Easy   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Last One, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G One Egg is an Oeuf   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Gm Pterodactyl's Tongue, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Gm Stirred Not Shaken   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Gm Time Goes   PDF   Midi   ABC   youtube
    Gm Urbane Primate, The   PDF   Midi   ABC


    A Anita's Jig   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A Capering Fools   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A Don't Burn the Scones   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A First of the Year   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A Fuller the Fiddler   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A Holy Socks   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A Paddy Tutty's Jig   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A Planxty Susan Davidson   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A The Vamp   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am 3rd. Degree, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Better Half, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Celdae's Jig   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Octavia   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Tarantella 12 Gennaio   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Bm Hecate Merry Met   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Bm Marshmellow Morning   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Bm/D Mona the Dancer   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Bm Unfortunate Hoe, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Bb/Gm Gordon Claude   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Bb Jig of Spurs   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Bb Planxty Kara Cunningham   PDF   Midi   ABC   MP3
    Bbm The Flatulent Fanfare, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    C Little Pink Winkie   PDF   Midi   ABC
    C On The Prowell   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Broken Smile, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D/Bb Callipygian Jig   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Eggs on the Couch   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Garden Gnome, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Into the Box   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Mother of Dragonflies   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Patrick Jonsson-Good   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Retreat at Widows Peak   PDF   Midi   ABC   MP3
    D Tachyon Anomaly   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Dm D'Fragin' Jig   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Dm Dilemma of Dots, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Dm Dybbuk   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Dm Marshall's Farewell to Tobacco   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Dm Tony's Favorite   PDF   Midi   ABC
    E Clarity, Brevity, & Tact   PDF   Midi   ABC
    E OK Jig   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Em Baby with the Bath Water   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Em Sick Cat Jig   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Em Two and a Bump   PDF   Midi   ABC
    F Bred in the Bone   PDF   Midi   ABC
    F Built for Comfort   PDF   Midi   ABC
    F Leave it to Alfred   PDF   Midi   ABC
    F When I'm 63   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Aprille Pazzo   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G European Hinge Jig   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Fluke and Flounder   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Goldfinch, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Hoito Jig   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Juanita's Jig   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G The Looney Tune   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Squash Juice Jig   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Summer Jig   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Synaesthesia   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Ted and Pam's Place   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Upgrade, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Yule Slog   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Gm Disjointed Jig, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Gm Hoof and Horn   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Gm Tarantella Galitziana   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Gm Wakeup Call, The   PDF   Midi   ABC


    Bm Happy Hippo, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Johann's Favourite   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Plant the Pole   PDF   Midi   ABC


    Bm Morning Tea   PDF   Midi   ABC   MP3
    Am Cleopatra Polka   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Bb Crimea River   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Ciaran's 1st. Contra   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Love on Samhain   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Em Autumn Morning Rain   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Em Hypnogogic   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Em Last Minute Polka   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G/Em Antony's Polka   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Sláinte   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Gm Vasilisa's Breakdown   PDF   Midi   ABC


    A March to the Meadow   PDF   Midi   ABC
    C Jaunty March   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Emma Lake March   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Home Alone   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Twiddle the Tipper   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Em Operation, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Flowers of Phosphorus   PDF   Midi   ABC


    A Magic Wand, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A Mary Murray's Mazurka   PDF   Midi   ABC
    A Valerie and Brad   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am 60 Roses all in a Roe   PDF   Midi   ABC   MP3
    Am Ursula's Waltz   PDF   Midi   ABC   MP3
    Bm Thunder Bay Waltz, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    C Lilliputian Lullaby   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D After the Carnival is Over   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Bud's Waltz   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Litha   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D My Lady Loves to Waltz   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Paul's Hambo   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Pinwheel Waltz   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Velma by Starlight   PDF   Midi   ABC   MP3
    D Wyndham and Amy's 20th Anniversary Waltz   PDF   Midi   ABC  
    Dm Patty's Journey Home   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Em Elphinstone Waltz   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Em Love is the Only Magic   PDF   Midi   ABC   youtube
    Em Owed to Brian Robertson   PDF   Midi   ABC   MP3
    Em Sunday Sarabande   PDF   Midi   ABC
    F Karen Fraser's Valentine's Day Waltz   PDF   Midi   ABC
    F Trim Ankled Waltz   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G 6:30 AM Waltz, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G A Song For Helen   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Chris and Jon's Wedding Waltz  
    (After All These Years)  
    PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Deimos & Phobos   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Hornpipe Waltz   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Jack & Michelle's Wedding Waltz   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Jeff and Christine's Wedding Waltz   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Old Vines   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Lazy Day Waltz   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Planxty Sue Fraser   PDF   Midi   ABC   MP3
    G Snow in the Air   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G To Have and to Hold   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Gm Tilted Windmill Waltz, The   PDF   Midi   ABC


    D/Dm Farewell to Alan Karmazyn   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Journey to the Point   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Murray Slemon's Farewell to Vancouver   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Dm Leaves are Falling, The   PDF   Midi   ABC   MP3   youtube
    Dm Merlin's Dream   PDF   Midi   ABC


    A Thomas Graham Stewart   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Planxty Malcolm   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Procrastination Hornpipe   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Am Tutor, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Bm Garden of Hollyhock, The   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Bb Be Flat   PDF   Midi   ABC
    Bb Cleanse the Palate   PDF   Midi   ABC
    C/F Butter Side Down   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Bonaparte Crossing His Eyes   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D David Allen Kaynor   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Hospitality Hornpipe   PDF   Midi   ABC
    D Shmooly Booly's Birthday   PDF   Midi   ABC
    G Serendipity   PDF   Midi   ABC


    M. GITLITZ, j'ai découvert très récemment vos partitions en en jouant certaines avec un ami guitariste (je suis flûtiste) et je voulais vous dire que nous avons pris beaucoup de plaisir en découvrant des morceaux très dansants (irlande, écosse...) ou nostalgiques ou encore typés (slaves ou arabisants). Malgré la simplicité d'écriture de vos compositions on peut leur donner beaucoup dans l'interprétation et la cadence.
    Bravo et continuez. Didier.

    Hello, I am from Vancouver B.C. and I appreciate all the hard work and effort you have put forth to helping and providing musical pieces to others. I am 23 and started playing the fiddle a couple of months ago. but I would like to thank you I will be learning and playing these songs.
    take care
    Daniel (Canada)

    Dear Sir,
    About an hour ago I stumbled across your beautiful tune "The Leaves are Falling". I play the celtic harp (beginner level)and started to arrange traditional tunes myself, because it is not easy finding sheet music at the level I can play. When I heared the midi file to your beautiful tune, I just had to adjust it for harp. I would love to post it on youtube, in case I am ever able to play it, and would like to ask your permission for that first. Also I am a member of the "virtual harp circle", which is a yahoo group. I just know that the members would love this tune as much as I do, but I do not want to share the sheet-music without your permission. If you want, I can send you the midi and pdf of my arrangement of your tune. It would be very kind of you, if you could let me know if I can share it out.
    Best wishes,
    Mary (Germany)

    Congratulations Paul, your music is very beautiful.
    Santino Cara (Italy)

    I am amazed at your tunes. There are so many and published free, all of them different and unique. I don't consider very many people or accomplishments amazing but you and this are amazing.
    I am a very untalented musician but fiddle and folk music. I have been on the fiddle for under two years and play many tunes. I wish I had started 40 years ago, I am now 61.
    Thank you for the application of your talent, for your generosity and goodness. You will remembered to end of time with these tunes you have created. Someday I hope to learn from you in a personal setting like a fiddle/dance camp or the like.
    Dennis Koyle
    Gooding, Idaho

    Hi Paul
    I have a small number of music students. Some of your pieces are interesting and not too difficult to master. May I have your permission so copy some for the use of my students. I always try to find original Canadian pieces for them to learn as they then have a piece or pieces to play which no other in the area have it is a means of getting them excited to learn and interpret music not just regurgitate.

  • I teach Fiddle , Violin, Penny whistle, Band instruments and piano. I currently have 12 student in age from 7 to 45. and a number that are learning more than one instrument. I do not charge them for their sheet or book music and several I do not charge for my time. I even have 3 to whom I supply their instruments as they can't afford 1 themselves.

    Thank you for your kind consideration in this matter. your decision will be respected.
    William J. Barclay
    Thea's Books and Violins
    Peterborough, Ont Can.

    Hi Paul,
    I play the mandolin (averagely, but doggedly) but really like to find folk tunes with a bit of an edge to them, so yours are great. I'm in Brighton, UK.

    My 10 year-old-son is shaping up to be an excellent guitarist but he sneers at D G D A D type accompaniaments, so I'm hoping that your tunes will pique his interest a little more.

    I'll keep looking through them, and it's great they're up there to share.

    I'd be extremely pleased to see my comments on your site.

    all the best,

    j'ai découvert dernièrement grâce au site freescore quelques unes de vos partitions pour mandoline. Avec une amie guitariste, c'est un vrai plaisir pour nous de les interpréter. la variété des rythmes et des mélodies, la délicatesse de l'harmonisation pour la guitarre nous enchantent. Parmi nos favoris pour l'instant: New potato Polka, Vasilisa's Breakdown, Velma by Starlight, mais aussi Time Goes , The Goldfinch, Fritz's Frolic, Buffalo Shuffle... nous pensons bien continuer à explorer vos créations qui nous apportent beaucoup de bonheur.

  • merci de les mettre si généreusement à disposition
    Vincent Arlette (France)

    Mister Paul GITLITZ,
    We are a little french group. We are from Evian (France). We play Celtic music(Irish and Breton) and sea shanties. We are not professionals, just five friends who play music for fun : Violin and mandolin, synthesizer, guitar, bass-guitar, drums. We play mostly electric and sometime on acoustic. We are very happy to play your music and want give to you our a great thanks.

    Patrice Girad (Menezband)
    "Menez" is the "montain" in Celtic (Breton)

    Dear Paul,
    I recently picked up your two earliest books of tunes from Prussin Music in Vancouver. I'm a fiddle player and I would like to say that I am thoroughly enjoying your compositions and love the fusion of styles that you present. My fiance plays the guitar and commends you on the excellent chords that accompany the tunes. He frequently complains that books of fiddle tunes have lacklustre chord structures but has been praising yours since we bought the books. The bottom line is that we're both very impressed with your work and will likely pick up your latest two books sometime soon. It's always exciting to find contemporary folk music being written and as well received as yours is. The salespeople at Prussin spoke very highly of you. My fiance and I are both musicians and composers in the folk/acoustic genre as well and are happy to find ourselves in such a great community of musicians out here on the West Coast.
    Thank you for the music. Keep it up!

  • Andrea Desjarlais

  • Ah, Mr. Paul Gitlitz!
    Your quite a brilliant songwriter if I do say so myself. They all sound great for the accordion as well as the fiddle, and are fun to play as well. Challenging enough to keep you occupied, but not so hard that its a pain to play. Just perfect. I have to say my personal favorite is Celdae's Jig. Oh well, I just wanted to congratulate you on a brilliant job done, and to thank you for bringing such great tunes to everyone.
  • Happy fiddling!
  • Justin

  • Bonjour Paul,
    Je vous remercie pour toutes vos partitions que je me plaît à jouer au violon, avec beaucoup de plaisir.
  • Un bonjour de Grenoble, en France.
  • Cécile.

    Merci beaucoup,
    je cherchais un musique celtique pour violon et je l'ai trouvé!!Mais, avez vous de la musique pour clarinette; violon et flute. merci d'avance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rozenn jehanno en France

    je voudrais bien avoir des partitions de violon svp.

    I love what you have written!!! I have been playing for almost 5 years, started when I was 50. I'm taking this beautiful work to my teacher and plan to keep it handy in my repitoire. I will certainly give you credit. I look forward to learning more about you.

    I wanted to say thank you very much for the free sheet music, I am a beginner in violin and these are great,
    regards, Christina Snatinski

    Hi Paul
    Thank you for making your music available for downloading and listening...much appreciated.

    Hi Paul,
    I'm from Greece. You've got a great site with lots of pdf files. Keep up the good work!

    "Hi Paul,
    I'm a fiddler in CT and I play your tunes. They're great!
    Mickey Koth.".

    Bear's Blues (4 stars) Swing

  • petite partition plaisante MERCI au compositeur -From: Robjam in France

    Hey Paul. Just downloaded Your Bear's Blues- and played it on my accordeon. I love it. 'Its fun to play. Thank You so much- and a Merry Christmas to You. From: great Gitlitz fan Marianne (Denmark)

    One of my favorites. Would like to find more like it. Can't seem to find good blues for violin.-From: Margaret C

    Blackened Reel (4 Stars) Reel

  • This is a really fun song especially if you have a group to play it- From: Elphabalvr

    Bonapart Crossing His Eyes (5 Stars)

  • Thank you for everything!-From: Peter

    Buffalo Shuffle (5 stars) 40's Style Swing

  • trop bien -From: Christo

    MACRISAN performed this tune at their christmas concert in Brazil.

    Callipygian Jig (4 Stars) Jig

  • I am happy to be able to find Celtic music to play on my violin. This will be a very welcome addition to my small collection. - From: Amanda

    Cooper's Kicker (5 stars) Reel

  • I had only picked up the fiddle/violin for a few months when I came on Paul's scores. They are a quick and easy way for me to get the fast yet fun reel and jig fixes; easy to quickly figure out but also teaches you the different beats for jigs, reels and the like. I especially love Cooper's Kicker because of the beat; as a newbie to fiddling (even after two years, VERY on and off) I always come back to this one because it just makes me smile. I hope to someday be able to play half as fast, with all the same inflections and rhythms, as the MIDI file. ;)From: Sarah P.

    Dybbuk (5 stars)

  • I really enjoy playing this song! Really catchy and follows me around!-From Anonymous

    I really liked this song. I was searching for one because I was bored and wanted something new. This was very interesting, and I recommend it to people like me who have been playing for roughly a year. - From: Caitlin

    Another piece for my daughter to love learning to play. -From : Allison

    Another real goodie. Love the yiddish/celtic collison. -From : William Shaw

    Eagles on the Rocks (4 stars) Reel

  • tres joli partition - Robjam in France

    The Eyes of Owls (4 Stars) Reel

  • I loved this site, I'm from Brazil and I'm trying to play violin... ( 2 years ) -From: Tadeu Mancini

    The Fiddlist (5 Star's)

  • This Is the tunes the Young Fiddlers In Ireland are wanting now --- You? will Inspire them with That One ! -From: jim

    A tough one to categorise. I felt like there were elements of gypsy, irish, and rock. No matter what you call it, I liked it! - From: Mudbug

    Flying Home to Shelley (5 stars) Reel

  • I've been searching for fun "pub songs" to add to my Renaissance Faire music performance list (I don't get paid for performing it, I just do it out of love of music), this one is PERFECT! Thanks! - From: Stefanie

    All the best, and by the way it's a great tune, I've played it in sessions on 3 continents! - From: Neil Adam

    Hi Paul, You may or may not remember me, but I'm Mara Shea (formerly Mara Beamish), the fiddler with The Elftones. We recorded “Flying Home to Shelley” (GREAT tune!)

    We love playing Flying Home to Shelley! It's a great tune! In fact we played it at our jam in Orlando last night. We play it a bit differently from the way Paul intended... but none of us learned it from the notation. I guess that's the folk process. :) In looking again at the notation... we've “bareboned” it! A few less notes... easier. However... I'm going to order Paul's CD... it will be interesting to hear how he intended it to sound. Best wishes... and happy fiddling! :) - From: Katie

    Yes, nice tune. Rodney Miller taught it at Valley of the Moon fiddle camp last year; The Session's version is very close to his version as I recall it. He recorded it with Airdance on Flying on Home. - From: Steve

    Fritz's Frolic (5 Stars) Charlston/Reel

  • I love the tune!! I thought this was super easy to play!! and guess what? This is my first year playing flute and I'm heading to symphonic band at my school!!! Oh!What now!Im the next greatest musician - From: SymphonicEmily

    Fritz must be a spry 60... :-) Nice tune - and very well played. - From: OT Junky

    Kinda Klezmer like. Reminded me of old school cartoons from 1940's. Very good musicians. -Grom: Mudbug

    HILARIOUS! As fun to listen to as it was to perform I bet. -From: Pat Jack

    Froggy in the Well (4 Stars) Reel

  • 4 stars - From: Kathy (beginner)

    Excellent!! Wonderful piece, wish more free fiddle music would've been available online 5 years ago, but at least it's available now!!- From: Ruthie (advanced)

    Fuller The Fiddler (4 Stars) Jig

  • Trés bon, se joue facilement! - From: Samyuel

    Gnarlyhead (5 Stars) Very nice stuff. Thanks so much for posting it. - From: William Shaw

    Hunters and Gatherers (4 Stars)Reel

  • Good - From: Jason

    Halloween (4 Stars) Reel c super cool g adorer l'écouter-From: maryline

    Comment : love the song :)-From : chris g.

    Es una ermosa melodia al estilo Country!-From : Juan Jose

    Jane's Reel

  • I also like that Jane's reel a lot -From: Alisha

    Jessica's # 1 (5 Stars) Reel

  • I played flute for 6 yrs and Piccolo for 5 years. And if you want some fun with the tempo try this! - From: Koyko

    The Leaves are Falling (4 Stars) Air/Waltz

  • I like this song, it gets alittle boring after playing it for a while, but it's still enjoyable. For some reason this tune reminds me of Isreal lol. - From: Gam3rG1Rli3

    Nice anachronism to begin, then a trip to an Italian coffee shop, and the piazza, nice melodies. Soft, retaining good energy. Playing a harmony and contrapuntal line along with you now, thanks for sharing. A little mayan mysticism in there too. I REALLY like this one. Impeccable intonation under the studio lights. Perfect ending. -From: Pat Jack

    j'adore- From: Apple

    Haunting and lovely. Another for my daughter. -From: Allison

  • When asked to play a tune, I always play THE LEAVES ARE FALLING. - From : Marsha in California

    My favorite by far is The Leaves are Falling - it is soooooo beautiful! -From: Alisha

    Merlin's Dream (3 Stars)

  • I'm looking forward to playing the piece, this is a great source for musicians and I will be back!!!-From: Oona McFarland

    Morning Tea

  • I like the almost 'horn' sound from your violin mix there. -From: Pat Jack

    Owed to Brian Robertson

  • Great tune, Paul. Very haunting in E-minor. You don't owe Brian any more - debt paid. ;-) -From: George Fowler

    wow, Paul! The Brian waltz is very cool! -From: Alisha

    Planxty Sue Fraser

  • Reminds me of a girl I once knew ... she played harpsichord ... uhhh, save that one for later, :-) Again, a very nice recording and fine performing. Thanks for sharing the 'real' instrument with us, very nice tone, unpretentious and genuine. -From: Pat Jack

    Renewing the Vow (5 Stars) Reel

  • Hello very good -From: Mohamed

  • This song is beautiful, but, as it is, the flutes cannot play. An octave higher works. -From: Siymara

    60 Roses all in a Roe (2 Stars) Waltz

  • a very melodious and cheery tune for a waltz plays well fast or slow - From: Wizzer

    60 Times Around the Sun (5 Stars) Reel

  • Excellent - From: melissa

    Sláinte (4 stars) Polka

  • I use this as my warm-up, thanks! From: William

    I want to thanks to you for Sláinte. It is very beauty. Thanks because you give to everyone your inspiration. From:Rusea Ovidiu in Romania

    Stuck in a Rut

  • Pachuca 'Q Atempo', a musical group dedicated to the indigenous music of Guerrero performed this tune at a concert in the theater Guillermo Romo de Vivar and in The House of Culture in the municipality Acayuca of Zapotlan Mexico.

    Thomas Graham Stewart (4 stars) Hornpipe

  • Dear Mr.Paul, I like your Thomas Graham Stewart song. When I heard it, I feel like enjoy and fun. I hope you can continue on forward. -From: Renji

    Time Goes (5 Stars) Tango/Reel

  • Paul, I have played a flute for 9 years and now I enjoy your piece from free-scores, it is really fantastic! You are amazing, thank you! ...your music makes happiness and it is very important ( in my opinion ). Your website is wonderful, I am so glad to have it, I listend some tunes and I liked it. -From: Karolina from the Czech Republic

    To Have and To Hold (4 Stars)

  • It's a beautiful piece. It must have been a great song to have at your wedding :)-From: Jeni

    Tony's Favorite (5 Stars) Jig


    (4 Stars) I love the way this song moves... very upbeat, great beginner's song. Makes you want to dance along with it! - From : Michelle

    (The) Unfortunate Hoe (4 stars) Jig

  • I like too wake up and dance in the morning in my home with this music it is so refreshing, amusing and I start my day with it very happy. GO ON GITLIZ, GO ON!!!!!! From: Alexandre Pappas - Greece

    Under the Catalpa (3 Stars) Reel

  • To be able to play this on the flute you need to raise it an octave... - From: Ranae

    Velma by Starlight (5 Stars) Waltz

  • Very pretty song; So glad to see something like this avilable for free to us fiddle players who need something easy. - From: Rhonda Bargery

    My daughter has been playing for just over a year. She really likes this piece. And it's wonderful that I can find music for her to play in addition to what she is given at school. -From: Allison

    (The) Wind Blew High (5 stars) Reel

  • Love it! - From: Carmen

    Wow, high energy! Great synch between mando-fiddle! Your band, (ensemble), is very well rehearsed, great musicians! -From: Pat Jack

    my favourite one:-) -From: lulu


  • Delicious, friendly, easy, inviting. -From: Pat Jack


    Hi Paul,

    Feeling in the dumps since late last night but to cheer myself up tonight I cooked a very nice dinner and put on your CD. I love it. I enjoyed reading the notes on the tunes and your love for Karen shines through. Especially wonderful to hear some unfamiliar tunes.
    Tara Bonham

    Hi everyone
    Just wanted to endorse Paul Gitlitz and his self-promotion. If you like dance music, contra dance music I mean, this is a really great CD. There are so many memorable tunes on it. All composed by the man himself.
    Happy listening.

    Steve Edge
    The Edge On Folk, Saturdays 8am to noon, CiTR fm 101.9 in Vancouver.
    Also From Steve as head of Roguefolk
    Paul Gitlitz is a hugely gifted fiddle player and tunesmith from Vancouver, Who has played with many musicians and singers over the years. He has composed some wonderful tunes over the years, and has assembled a superb debut CD - To Have & To Hold with 29 original tunes in a variety of dance styles, ranging from Celtic to Klezmer, Balkan to Latin, and more.

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you so much for the CD. I am playing - and loving - it as I write. Well done! This is the second playing, it having arrived this morning, and I am mightily impressed - not that I expected anything less.

    Lots of love and congratulations.
    Rich (Austin)

    Hi Paul;

    I did get your CD in the mail and, in fact, we listened to it about 10 times while we were on the road. Linnea and I both agree it's a great CD! And I highly recommend it as a travellin' album. The kids started asking for it after a while, too.

    David Jonnson

    Hello Paul, .

    Bought a new CD player for work and have been wearing out your CD.

    Best wishes,

    Hi Paul:

    Boy, that is one cool CD. Catherine and I share a similar problem, but that's okay, because they ARE really good tunes! They are now in heavy rotation on my internal elevator speakers:-)Thanks so much for including me among such stellar company.
    Many thanks


    Just a wee note to invite you to join us at the CD Launch of Paul Gitlitz's marvelous new fiddle album on Saturday night, Dec 10/05. (I know you have nothing to do that night!) We have found Paul's album to be a rich blend of melodies that sound like classic tunes already, with a leaning in many ethnic world directions, a cool jazz feel here, a klezmer there, a folksong here, a latin hint there.

    Needless to say, I'm a big fan.

    Linnea Good
    Musical Animator - Borealis Music

    Had I seen Paul after yesterday's service I would have spoken to him myself. But since I didn't and since I don't have another way of reaching him, could you please pass along my appreciation to him for his amazing contribution to yesterday's service. That music makes the blood in my veins flow more freely and my heart open up a bit more. I know I don't have to tell you this but he is incredibly talented.

    Monica Bennett

    Hi Paul,

    I'm writing to you as your CD plays all around me -- which is a bit hard because I want to get up and dance. Anyway, I'm the one who approached you at the Unitarian church on Wednesday. You asked me if I'd write you what I wrote in the class. Really, what I wrote seems very puny to me in relation to the great feeling I had from your music in church last Sunday. In the class, we were asked to write a haiku about something to which we had had an emotional response recently. I chose my experience of sitting listening to you in church. Here's the haiku (which follows its strict rules of a 5-beat line, then 7, then 5 with an emotional change in that last line):

    Fiddler in a church,
    Tearing hearts with jigs and reels,
    Makes me dance with ghosts.

    Your music made me cry last Sunday -- but they were good tears. Beautiful music it was and it took me back to earliest childhood. At times I could see my (now gone) parents, aunts, uncles and great uncle dancing, playing, singing and generally carrying on -- led by my grandmother on the fiddle. Then I felt a kind of unity with all the generations gone by who have loved music with their ears and their hands and their feet. A little later I realized it was my mother who taught me to love this music and I felt a pang of sadness that she and I had never danced together to as you played some more, I gave us this dance and danced with my mother in spirit. I know she would have loved your playing as I do, too.
    Thank you,
    Linda Jacobs


    I met you two weekends ago at Granville Island and bought your CD which is great!!!! I'll send you a check for one of your books and maybe try to get up to Pt Roberts to play some tunes. I read music (slowly!) but am more used to tablature. So it may take me a little time to learn your tunes great stuff!!
    Thanks again
    Paul Lichter

    Just wanted you to know that I got the CD. FANTASTIC!!!
    Thank you.

    I will be playing To Have and To Hold at the fiddle contest in April (I'll film it to show you). The ornamentation really adds to it. Do you have it printed anywhere? I can always bring it to my teacher and have her fill it in. So beautiful. It must have been quite a gift to Karen.

    Paul, do you have more tunes on another CD? I would love to buy it.

    Do you have any fiddle camps going? I really want to meet you and learn from you.

    I hope you are doing well.

    KEEP THE BEAT - Marsha

    Hi Paul,

    I have to say it is a fantastic arrangement - very listenable, engaging, ensemble of tunes - I am very impressed, have played it in my care while going to and from work, and will be taking it out to my musical friends in Abbotsford who often host concerts at their home for various musicians. They have a wonderful, 5.3 acre property facing Mission (from outskirts of Abbotsford) and have an amazing pianoforte and a grand piano -both get used by various performers.

    Anyway, I love the CD and will take a copy into the Chief Operating Officer at Vancouver Acute (VGH, UBCH and GF Strong Rehab Hospitals) to see what she thinks re: music program. We need to be more innovative in health care and bring the community into the hospitals is a great way to show that music and healing really work.

    Best wishes to you and your spouse for a great Canada Day, eh!


    From a review of The AM Stringbands album "Take Root" :

    “Oddly, though, the best tune on the album, the one that sticks in your ears, was written fairly recently (1988) by Paul Gitlitz. If “Flying Home to Shelley” is not the band's signature tune, they should immediately adopt it as such.”

    And From D.Light, ...that your CD arrived today. Sharon and I have been listening to it since it came; you are, indeed, one fine fiddler, my friend! We'll enjoy your CD for a long time to come!

    Nicola Crowhurst said, This is a great CD. I think everyone should have it. Paul is a supertalented fiddle/violin player and also did the mixing. This is upbeated and very interesting CD.

    Rosemay Lach wrote: I've been listening to your cd and it is marvellous! I've also been hearing great comments from dancers at the last contra.

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